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GF Infotech is a reliable provider of medical transcription services to all type of healthcare organizations. We have seasoned editors and transcriptionists who execute high quality work. We understand the pressures and demands of medical/healthcare industry,and that is why we have developed intuitive solutions to meet our clients' requirements.

Following are some of the key features of our medical transcription services:

In the field of transcription, quality is that one parameter that cannot be bargained over. We explicitly follow the guidelines of The American Health Data Institute (AHDI) so that our clients can be sure that they are getting exactly what they need. Our experienced Quality control staff is able to handle any kind of report with ease and we make sure that files with any inaudible or unintelligible portions undergo an extra level of review before they are sent to our clients.

Turnaround Time
We provide up to 12-hour (overnight) turnaround time. 2-hour turnaround time for emergency departments and radiology reports is also available at request.  We provide 24x7 back-end operations 365 days a year.

Voice Recognition
If your server provides speech recognition, we at GF Infotech can reduce your TAT up to 50% by simply removing one level from the process of Transcription to simply Direct.  The work delivered will be of client-ready quality and is made possible by us by hiring a seasoned team of Editors that works on speech recognition platform.

End-to-end solution
We have our own voice recording and data management server in the United States so we can provide the complete bouquet of services without any need for our clients to spend on expensive hardware or software. You are just one phone call away from your transcribed document.

24/7 Customer Support
With GF Infotech you are assured of service any time, all the time. We are just one phone-call/email/instant message away so you can rest assured that we will take care of anything that might have come up.
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