G.F. Infotech’s operations are located at Mohali Industrial Area in the Chandigarh Tricity Area which has back-office operations of many corporations like Dell, IBM, Infosys, Quark, Wipro etc. Chandigarh has one of the highest per-capita incomes in India along with one of the highest literacy rates.
Excellent pool of qualified graduates due to a large number of colleges and generally progressive population.

Well-equipped workstations with the necessary transcription peripherals.
Separate QA and QC cells.
Newly designed transcription platform which speeds up file execution while helping to enhance the quality of the transcriptionist.
Uninterrupted power supply to every workstation.
Backup power generator in case of unexpected power-cuts.
Every workstation is secured with antivirus software and firewall for protection against threats.

Reliable high-speed dedicated lease line from Tata Tele Services (the largest internet provider) along with 2 backup internet lines for uninterrupted data transfer 24x7.

Data Security

We understand the need of data protection and are currently compliant with our present clients’ needs. Any kind of compliance requirement can be put into action without delay.
Currently our workstations are connected to a domain, which provides limited internet and local access to our employees. Technical measures undertaken include disabling of USB ports and extra communication ports, enhanced firewall security and monitoring, blocking of email and messenger sites etc.
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